It's time for you to get all your best friends together for a fabulous Khari Imagery Photography experience.

        Can you imagine bringing a group of your friends to a place where they can have the best experience ever. Girlfriend Fun, Make-up, Lights, Camera and Action. A place that brings out every person beautiful side. The final result will be fabulous photographs that will be a lasting memory of an incredible Night Out evening together.

    There is always a good reason for a Studio Night Out. The best reason is just because!!!!

Others can be Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Party buses, Graduation, Reunions, Sorority Gatherings, and New Job or anytime you just want to feel gorgeous among friends. Khari Imagery Studio can host Up to 20 people for a long delicious evening of pampering.

     Our Studio will be yours to enjoy. The evening will begin with you serving your guests enjoyable refreshments.