Our guarantee is simple and straightforward!
We guarantee that you will not find a better, higher quality, fully integrated professional photo booth in the area.
We guarantee our customer service, response times to calls and emails as second to none.
Our approach is to deliver more than you expect and exceed your expectations.

Also, if you find a comparable quality photo booth offering a lower price for the all inclusive packages we offer and it is a proper, insured photo booth (not a home made booth, photographers backdrop and camera or any other type on non professional low grade booth), we will beat that price!**
**Conditions Apply**

The comparable photo booth offered by another service must meet all the conditions and comparison to our photo booth in quality, structure and printing, together with comparable quality of service and integral parts and additional items.

We cannot over emphasize the need for you to be careful when looking for a photo booth and comparing pricing and quality;

We know that in the last 12 months there has been an up surge of photo booth operators and company's coming into the area, and popping up all over.

The craze has led to DJs, photographers and just about anyone to jump in to the photo booth business and become a photo booth company or person offering a photo booth.

Many so called photo booths are home made, plastic piping and hideous curtains, printers on tables taking up to 45 seconds to print photos and then when they do print the operator has to physically cut the 6 by 4 into two strips - do you see a person in the mall next to the photo booth sitting at a table with a cutter or pair of scissors?

Be careful and make sure your photo booth is a proper photo booth!


Request copies of the strips from any photo booth company.
(If they cannot email them to you this is a red flag)
Request a copy of their insurance.
(many venues do not allow uninsured photo booths into the facility)
Request a proper contract and never pay in cash.
(Make sure the contract covers you and the photo booth)
Ask about the booth - what is the manufacturer name.
(If it is not given this means it home made or made by themselves)
Ask what printer is installed inside the booth.
(If they tell you it sits on a table that is another red flag)
Ask what type of camera if installed in the booth.
(Some may not be able to tell you, but if they use the word webcam - run!)